Transform your smile

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We can help you gain a brighter and straighter smile with our Specialist Orthodontists

Orthodontics is an effective treatment option to correct a smile, crowded, crooked or spaced teeth, impacted teeth, malalignment and other conditions. Our Specialist Orthodontist offer treatment for both adults and children, and it’s never too late to consider getting your perfect smile!


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Our Specialist Orthodontists in London will discuss the range of orthodontic treatment options available to you.  We understand the hesitation behind having visible braces, which can be off-putting, particularly for a long time. However, braces do not have to be the traditional metal brackets and stainless steel wires of old. They can be far more discreet, tooth-coloured and, for metal cases, tailored to your choice of colours. We even have the option of clear aligners, through Invisalign. We embrace new technology and continue to evolve in our options for orthodontics, offering you the best available tailored treatment, suited to your dental and style needs.

  • Traditional Fixed Braces

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    Known as “labial braces”, these are directly bonded to the outside surfaces of the teeth. Labial braces can be clear, ceramic or metal. We also have a number of colour options, which can be changed with every visit, to suit your mood, style and preference.

  • Fixed Lingual Braces

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    Lingual braces are placed behind teeth making them invisible when you talk and smile. This makes them the most discreet of all orthodontic treatment options.

  • Invisalign

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    Invisalign or clear aligners consist of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that you change every week for the next set of aligners. Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth and offers a much more subtle solution than traditional braces. Clear in appearance, they also provide an element of discretion.

  • Children's Braces

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    Should my child see a Specialist Orthodontist? It is never too late to consider orthodontic treatment for children, and certainly any parent who has concerns about their children’s teeth, no matter their age, can consider having a consultation.

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  • Should I see a dentist or orthodontist for braces?

    An Orthodontist (or Specialist in Orthodontics) will have undertaken and completed a minimum of three years of full-time specialist training after practicing as a general dentist for several years.

    This specialist training is extensive and intensive involving thousands of hours dedicated to the areas of craniofacial growth and development, smile aesthetics, tooth movement, orthodontic case assessment, treatment planning, and treatment execution.

    An experienced orthodontist will not only be able to carry out a thorough assessment of the work required on your teeth, but they will also know the best course of treatment for you. Not just what an acceptable treatment is.

    All orthodontists were dentists first, although a general dentist is not an orthodontist. This is the result of those three extra years studying. Along with experience, it creates expertise: a deep level of knowledge and familiarity with orthodontic principles and practices.

  • Benefits of braces

    Confidence boost: Smile, talk and eat comfortably

    Improved speech: Correcting alignment could improve problems with speech

    Better oral hygiene: Reduced tooth decay; better breath; better gum health

    Reduced dental-related pain: Malalignment of a bite can put increased pressure on the jaw joint, teeth, or gums leading to discomfort and other potential oral health issues

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