Dental Checkup

The Dental Surgery is committed to looking after the oral health of all our patients. Our focus is to enable patients to maintain good oral health with a combination of check-ups, dental hygiene visits and empowering our patients with information to develop good habits for their dental health.

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  • General Dentistry services include:

    • General check-ups and Routine examinations
    • Emergency dentistry
    • Dental hygiene
    • Restorative dentistry
    • Root canal
    • Fillings and Crowns
    • Tooth extractions
  • Dental Check-ups can:

    • Reduce the likelihood of dental pain and poor gum health
    • Minimise the risk of oral diseases, including cancers
    • Help patients maintain healthy teeth and gums
    • Reduce potential future problems through regular dental and hygiene check -ups and reduce the extensive costs associated with such problems

    As part of each check-up, our prevention programme means each patient will receive a comprehensive risk assessment on the state of their oral health, including intra-oral scans, accompanied with tailored advice and ongoing management.

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General Dentistry - What to expect

  • We discuss your dental expectations

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    Your concerns and desired results will be discussed to allow our expert clinicians to provide you with a bespoke treatment plan for your journey to a lifetime of healthy teeth, gums and mouth. Prior to any treatment commencing you will receive a written plan and cost estimates.

  • We create your bespoke treatment plan

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    We work for our patients, who at all times will be treated with dignity, understanding and respect. Our team are equipped to deal with treatment ranging from general dentistry to specialised procedures taking in to consideration any pain or anxiety you may experience.

  • Your ongoing treatment and maintenance

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    Our team will provide you with proper oral health recommendations and education to keep your new smile shining, including proper after care treatment at home and with our hygienists.

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