About Children's Orthodontics treatment

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We provide Children’s orthodontic treatment with our Specialists Orthodontists and Therapists, looking at the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of irregular tooth and jaw alignment.

Treatment options

We have a range of Children’s Orthodontic Treatment options:

  • Traditional Fixed Braces

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    These braces are directly bonded to the outside surfaces of the teeth and may be clear, ceramic or metallic (with or without colours which may be changed at each visit).

  • Fixed Lingual Braces

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    Custom made in a laboratory for the individual patient, these braces are bonded to the inner surfaces behind teeth.

  • Invisalign

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    A series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that you change every two weeks for the next set of aligners.

what to expect

Our highly experienced team of Specialist Orthodontists treat both adults and children. Our specialists can discuss the full range of orthodontic treatment options available inline with desired outcomes, including clear invisible aligners and more traditional braces. a typical consultation can look like:

Consultation and discussion

Meet our Specialist Orthodontists.

They will look at the functionality of the bite and structure, as well as aesthetics. They will also take panoramic x-rays and 3D digital scans (where needed), to assess the roots of the teeth.

Patients will also have a demonstration of the products available, from braces to clear aligners and colours.

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Personalised plan

Once all images and diagnostics have been taken, and a full clinical assessment made, our Specialist Orthodontists will talk through the various personalised treatment options and give advice based on the desired patient outcome.

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See results from the beginning

Our iTero scanner can digitally show treatment outcomes, even before embarking on your smile journey.

Patients also receive a full bespoke treatment report to take home.

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Children’s Orthodontic Treatments

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