A broken or lost retainer – whether removable or fixed

Removable Retainer

If a removable retainer has been lost or broken, our orthodontists can make another from impressions or a scan of your teeth. We can make a bespoke retainer in only a few days.
Get in touch with us as soon as possible so that the new retainer can be created and reduce the risk of your teeth moving out of alignment.

Fixed Retainer

Fixed retainer breakages can happen – they are designed to be thin so as to be visually unobtrusive, but this means that they can become damaged. This is partly why your orthodontist will have asked you to avoid certain food such as hard and / or sticky foods.
Please do not panic if you have broken or lost a retainer, the absence will not do immediate damage. Make sure to wear your removable retainer and make an appointment with us to have the fixed retainer seen to.

Are emergency orthodontist appointments expensive?

The cost of an emergency orthodontic appointment will of course vary. What we can promise at The Dental Surgery is that we do not inflate the price for ‘emergency’ appointments.
We appreciate that an emergency dental or orthodontist appointment is likely to be accompanied by stress and have no intention of making things worse. With the investment in your new smile you don’t want anything halting or reversing the results you have achieved so far!
If you’re unsure about whether to book an appointment or have any questions surrounding your teeth straightening treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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