By adding colour to braces, children around the world have turned braces from a potential cause of embarrassment into a fashion statement. The reason for children’s braces is never a fashion statement, no orthodontist would allow a child who didn’t require a brace to have one fitted, but for those who do require realignment of their teeth, the introduction of colour allows them to express their own personality.

The colour comes in the small pieces of elastic that work to attach the brackets to the wire and, as this is not a fixed part, it is possible to regularly change the elastic and with it the colour. Many children change the colour at every appointment.

The trends of coloured braces

We have also seen children request colours and designs to match special occasions such as Halloween, weddings and bar mitzvahs.

A quick search on social media shows just how much the trend has grown. Run a search for coloured braces on Pinterest, or Instagram or even just on Google and you will see hundreds or thousands of results, each of them a happy youngster posing for a selfie showing off their braces. On each platform, they are getting positive interactions with friends liking their posts. Braces have become something that can lead to positive self-image in the short and long term.

Braces are obviously applied when there is a need for realignment. By adding colour, the vibrancy it lends becomes the focal point when looking at a wearer’s mouth, rather than simply the metal and the still-to-be-corrected misalignment. In Asia, so great is the trend that youngsters have resorted to wearing fake coloured braces. These are purely aesthetic and often fitted extremely badly, at times simply glued on. The trend is driven by the fact that so many young Asian stars proudly sport colourful braces.

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