What are dentures

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Dentures are a removable acrylic plate or metal frame holding one or more artificial teeth. They are a good treatment solution for replacing several teeth as they can be taken out to clean and are relatively easy to repair. However, dentures are not always the best solution for missing teeth. Since they aren’t fixed they may be loose and take take time to get used to. They can fracture or break and require diligent regular cleaning.

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  • Why Dentures?

    Dentures are a convenient solution to missing teeth. They can be a removable plate or metal frame which can hold one or more identical, or specially formed, teeth.


    • Good for replacing several teeth
    • Can be taken out and properly cleaned
    • Easy to manufacture and repair, including re-alignment


    • Not fixed and may be loose
    • May take time to get used to
    • Can break easily
    • Requires regular cleaning

Alternative treatment options for restoring missing teeth

  • Implants

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    A fixed artificial tooth held in place on a screw placed inside the jaw.

  • Bridge

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    False teeth that are fixed onto the natural teeth.

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