The Obvious Problems

The effects of smoking are clearly apparent on many smokers’ teeth – the teeth have yellowed, and in some cases, turned almost a solid brown colour. Accompanying this stained appearance there is a high likelihood of bad breath (halitosis) due to the build-up of bacterial plaque.

These physical by-products of smoking can affect self confidence and self-esteem. Anyone who has a concern that their teeth are heavily stained and is also aware that they have bad breath is likely to try to hide their teeth – potentially smiling less and being less confident in conversation.

These obvious problems are reason enough to seek dental treatment and also to quit or cut back on smoking, but they can also be signs that more serious damage could be present.

Treatments for Smoker’s Teeth

It might not be what you want to hear but key to halting the damage caused by smoking and reversing the effects of smoker’s teeth is to stop smoking. If quitting completely is not possible, even cutting back on consumption helps.

Peace of mind

By having regular checkups, you can know that any signs of cancer will be spotted early, so too signs of gum disease. Any existing issues can be rectified, whether that is filling cavities, using a gum graft procedure to cover the roots of teeth, or even extracting loose teeth and replacing with a dental implant.

Even the aim of whitening teeth should be discussed with the dentist as the best course of treatment will vary by patient – it might be that seeing the hygienist is the best option, or specialist toothpastes might be an option (it is worth noting that many specialist toothpastes are abrasive and so their use should be discussed with the dentist too).

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