What are the Mouthwash Myths?

Everyone knows to brush twice a day, most people know they should floss and use interdental brushes (even if many neglect this task) and many think that using a mouthwash will complete the perfect at-home oral care routine. This last part would be wrong!

Unless advised by your doctor, dentist or hygienist for a specific medical reason (some of which we will touch on below), the use of mouthwash is not a requirement to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Although your mouth may feel fresher after using a mouthwash, it will do little to actually address the causes of issues such as bad breath or dental erosion. Just like merely throwing soap on a car won’t clean it – mouthwash does not remove plaque.

There are occasions when mouthwash may come in handy or when it is prescribed by a medical professional.

When Should I Use Mouthwash?

If you have been using mouthwash forever and find it hard to think about phasing it out of your daily routine, we recommend the mouthwash

Fluorigard which is alcohol free and contains fluoride.

Stick to using it after meals to wash away food particles and as a quick boost of “freshness” when you’re not able to brush your teeth.

Don’t use mouthwash when you have just brushed your teeth as you may risk washing away the fluoride from the toothpaste which is the key element in protecting your teeth.

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