The Short Answer on if Teeth Whitening Kits Work

We could review each of the 7,000 products, or at least put them in groups – the toothpastes, the trays with gels, the paint on products that look alarmingly like Tipp-Ex, but we’ll try to save everyone a bit of time.

The short answer is that the shop bought products do not work. Although some might seem to appear to have an effect none come close to having a real, safe and long-lasting impact on the colour of your teeth.

Why are These Teeth Whitening Kits Unsafe?

It is possible to buy whitening treatments online that have higher doses of active ingredients than you can find in shops.

The simple answer is because these products are often unregulated and illegal. The risks associated with this type of product are real, if the concentration is too strong it can cause irreparable damage to your teeth and gums.

A product that uses a tray will not be custom made for your mouth and so the bleaching product stands a very high chance of leaking out. Blistering, sensitivity and pain are likely to ensue.

Why consider The Dental Surgery for Teeth Whitening?

We’ll let our patients speak for us there, our most recent feedback from a patient:

“I have now done the rest of my teeth (using the whitening gel in the trays) and I am absolutely delighted with the results. It was incredibly easy to do and extremely effective. Thank you – I love my teeth!”

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