Experience And Knowledge Of Orthodontic Specialists

Would you want a general dentist who is relatively inexperienced in orthodontic treatment to carry out dental work that will have a lifetime impact and potentially cost thousands of pounds, or a specialist in orthodontics?

To put it another way, when you go to an expensive restaurant do you want the head chef to be cooking your meal or someone just out of catering college?

Experience translates into having seen hundreds of patients, having encountered the same challenges many times before and knowing the best course of action in every situation.

Whereas an orthodontist will have studied for an additional three years after becoming a general dentist (or in one of our own orthodontist’s case, three years on top of these three years to gain a PhD) the general dentist will only need to have undertaken a short course to provide additional treatments.

Teeth Alignment: An Example

To use an example, if a patient requires some teeth to be realigned, the easiest option might be to remove teeth to create the space for the realignment.

This might not be the best treatment though. Removal of teeth could lead to problems in future, including a tightening of the face and signs of premature ageing; a rushed decision in youth could have consequences in older age.

Given the potential long-term difference between visiting a specialist London orthodontist or not, we cannot understand why a patient would forego the chance to consult with an expert.

What is The Dental Surgery’s level of experience?

With almost 90,000 consultations booked and approaching 30 years’ operating as a leading London practice, we have successfully treated hundreds of orthodontic patients of all ages.

Patient Benefits

At a practice such as The Dental Surgery, patients also benefit from having all specialisms under the same roof, whether that is hygienists, general dentists or orthodontists. A patient with braces can visit the hygienist for a level of cleaning that is hard to achieve at home.

Staff also consult with each other to ensure the best outcome for a patient, for instance, an orthodontist can consult with other experts if further treatments such as veneers or white-spot removal are required to achieve the very best smile.

Speaking of the individuals who work at The Dental Surgery, our orthodontists have had work published in leading dental journals and spoken at international conferences. You can read the biographies of our talented team on our website. Many other London orthodontic practices have excellent reputations too. Whoever you are considering, ensure they have a high level of independent reviews then take the time to read through what previous patients have written.

Transparency: Pricing And Orthodontic Treatments

Transparency can mean two things when it comes to orthodontics. It can be a literal transparent solution to teeth realignment, such as the Invisalign treatments of which our orthodontists are approved practitioners.

Invisalign is a wonderful option for patients who would traditionally have required braces but want a less visible alternative. Transparency also relates to pricing. At The Dental Surgery, we believe in being as open as possible with our prices, which is why we keep details of the costs of treatments, appointments and more on our website.

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