Bleeding Gums are not normal – they’re a problem

Bleeding gums are a sign of a problem and one that is going to require intervention from a dental hygienist. At the same time, for most people, it is not a serious problem.

In the majority of cases, bleeding gums will be a sign of gingivitis, a condition you may well have heard of while being unsure exactly what it is. Gingivitis occurs when the plaque surrounding the teeth is not properly removed, the millions of bacteria in this plaque cause irritation, swelling of the gums and bleeding. Halitosis, or bad breath, while a separate condition is also likely to be an unwanted by-product of this plaque build-up.

We started this post by asking if bleeding gums are normal, we’ll end it by respectfully suggesting that the question is irrelevant. Whether or not they are normal, or common at least, bleeding gums are a problem that you need to get checked out and resolved.

At The Dental Surgery, we have close to 30 years’ worth of experience and an ethos of always putting patient needs first. If you are looking for a dentist or hygienist in the City of London, please get in touch. Regardless of who you choose as your dental practitioner, please do get those bleeding gums checked out!

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