1. Time

Treatment Time

Depending on factors such as your bite and current oral health, straightening your teeth may take anywhere between a few months to a few years.
The type of braces you opt for may also impact treatment time as some move your teeth quicker than others.
Your orthodontist will give you a personalised estimate of how long your treatment will take following an examination of your teeth.


A common question we hear is “Am I too old to have braces”?

Although we recommend that children see an orthodontist around the age of 8, this does not mean someone older than that will not benefit from orthodontic treatment!
Generally, it is quicker to move teeth while the teeth and bone are still forming, however, it simply means that the treatment may take a little longer after this.
The benefit of having braces when you are older allows for a wider variety of treatment options and a greater sense of confidence when your new smile is revealed.
(Read this article for more information on adult orthodontics)

3. Cost of Braces

The type of treatment option preferred as well as the duration of treatment all play a part in determining the final cost of treatment.
But 0% finance plans mean this can be an investment that provides you with not only cosmetic benefits but long term benefits to your oral and overall health.
Misaligned teeth may cause future dental issues such as cracks and chips in teeth, also inflammation of gums due to improper cleaning between teeth and potentially even tooth loss if these problems are not addressed.

5. Orthodontist

Now that you’re armed with more information on dental braces, the next step will be to seek a dental professional to carry out your treatment. You may find that a lot of general dentists provide orthodontic treatment, but we would suggest consulting with an orthodontist. Orthodontists have trained for an extra 3 years in the finer detail of aligning teeth and correcting dental bites.
They are best placed to make sure that the treatment you opt for is right for you.
Often our patients may require the input of other dental professionals to treat their oral health prior to or alongside their orthodontic treatment.
Due to their experience in treating patients with a wide variety of orthodontic requirements, orthodontists will be able to advise if you need to see a periodontist, hygienist or general dentist as well.

Next Steps

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