Clean teeth, fresh breath

Our Dental Hygienists in London are specially trained to give your teeth and gums a much more thorough clean than you can achieve at home, while also looking out for early warning signs of more serious developments such as gum disease and even oral cancer.

At The Dental Surgery, all our dental hygiene appointments include a full scale and polish as standard, using the very latest EMS air-flow technology to remove bio-film and give all our patients that perfect ‘clean’ feeling.

In addition to following a thorough oral health regimen at home, including cleaning teeth properly twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, proper toothbrush and flossing at least once daily, it’s important to visit the hygienist on a regular basis to prevent future problems and the stubborn build up of those tough to reach plaque and tartar.

Why is oral hygiene important?

Maintaining good dental hygiene is critical, as poor oral hygiene can lead to embarrassing and potentially serious conditions. These symptoms can interfere with your social life and daily activities, making it difficult to eat or speak and making you self-conscious about your smile. One of the more serious concerns is the effect poor dental health can have on your overall health.

Good oral health reduces the potential for developing gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay and even oral cancers.

Consider seeing a hygienist:

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    To prepare your teeth for whitening treatment

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    To maintain your whiter smile after whitening

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    After restorations such as implants to aid the success of treatment

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    During orthodontics for a deeper clean

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    For overall healthy teeth and gums!

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